3 Nights in The Big Easy with Food Tour!

3 Nights in The Big Easy with Food Tour!

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, LA

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Experience the soulful charm of New Orleans with our auction package—a 3-night getaway for two. Immerse yourself in the city's culinary delights with a walking food tour through the historic French Quarter. From beignets to gumbo, savor the flavors of this vibrant city. INCLUDES: - 3 nights in your choice of hotels in New Orleans (details below) - Walking food tour through the French Quarter - Room will accommodate 2 adults and may contain a large bed or two smaller beds at hotel's discretion FOOD TOUR: Visit the French Quarter’s most famous restaurants for most delicious local fare, such as gumbo, Creole brisket, and beignets. Tour is approximately 3 hours. Gratuities for guide not included. Alternative non-food tour may be available if traveler prefers not to walk. Some properties charge a resort fee at check-in, as well as a refundable deposit. View valid resorts, current availability, estimated fees at check-in, and booking terms at: https://redeem.travelpledge.com/T32904 Details: 3 nights / 1 bedrooms / Sleeps up to 2 Restrictions: Subject to availability when you book. Primary traveler must be at least 21 y.o. Paid upgrades and extended dates may be available when you book. You'll contact the provider directly within 12 months of purchase to select dates and book the package. Valid: Valid for a wide range of dates throughout the year

LOCATION New Orleans, LA OTHER NOTES Unless otherwise noted, food and transportation not included. Certain optional amenities, such as parking, may require an additional fee at the property.

A note from GoPacks: Thank you for bidding in our online auction. All funds raised will be used to fight food insecurity. GoPacks assists students and their families through three programs in Washington County, Ohio.

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